hossam fathy

  • Name:Hossam Fathi
  • Nationality:Egyptian


  • Bachelor of Media Studies - Press Division (specializing in Journalistic Editing) - Faculty of mass communication - Cairo University in 1985

Current Job

  • General Management Advisor – Alanba newspaper, since June 15, 2015


2005 - 2015

  • Managing Editor of "Alwatan" newspaper – Kuwait since July 2005 and until 15th June, 2015, when I submitted my resignation following the closure of the newspaper.
  • Manager of the Egyptian Akhbar AlYoum Corporation Office in Kuwait from 2003 until now, that includes 11 publications.
  • Manager and Correspondent of the Office of the (United journalists) Group, including (AlAlam AlYoum Daily- AlIqtesadya daily – Kol AlNas weekly magazine – Nahdat Misr daily - Adam monthly magazine), since 1992 and till 2015.

1999 - 2005

  • Managing Editor of economic affairs - in charge of the works the Managing Editor – AlAnba newspaper of Kuwait.

1998 - 1999

  • Manager of Al-Ahram Al-Arabi magazine Office.
  • - the Egyptian Al-Ahram daily accredited correspondent in Kuwait.

1992 - 1994

  • Manager of the Qatari News Agency office in Kuwait.

1989 - 1998

  • Economics editor – Director of the Economic Section – AlAnba Kuwaiti newspaper.

1986 - 1989

  • Economics Editor - Deputy Managing Editor of Aswaq magazine of the Gulf (Qatar).

1984 - 1986

  • Journalist Correspondent for the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas - Cairo Office.

1982 - 1986

  • Editor of the Egyptian Middle East News Agency (part-time).
  • Editor of the Egyptian magazine Sabah Al-Kheer (during University study).

Union membership

  • Member of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate.
  • Member of the Kuwaiti Journalists Association.
  • Member of the Arab Journalists Association.
  • Member of the International Union of the Press.

Publications and books

  • The book "Lao Damat Lighyrak” “Has it lasted for someone else", May 2012.
  • The book "Egypt .. years of blood and fire", April 2013.

Hossam Fathy

An Egyptian Press writer, born in Cairo, graduated in Cairo University, College of Information, Press Department, with a passion for journalistic work, got a job as a journalist in many Egyptian and Arab publications and newspapers since he was a student at the university, as in the Sabah Al-Kheer magazine, the Egyptian Middle East “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” news agency, and the Office of Al-Qabas Kuwaiti newspaper in Cairo.
Immediately after graduation he traveled to Qatar where he worked as an economics editor at the Al-Aswaq Weekly Gulf magazine, where he held the position of Deputy Managing Editor, before moving to Kuwait, where he joined AlAnba newspaper and wrote a daily column titled "the language of numbers," blending economics with politics, and contributed to releasing Al-Anba from Cairo, during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, where he oversaw the economic section, and following the liberation of Kuwait, he returned and held the position of the Director of the Economics Section at the headquarters of AlAnba newspaper until 1998, where he oversaw the release of the Arabic edition of" Al Ahram Al Arabi "magazine in Kuwait, and was appointed in Al-Ahram Corporation as an Editor and a Journalist, a reporter for Al-Ahram in Kuwait and the Director of the Office of " Al-Ahram Al- Arab" magazine, and in January 1999, he returned once again to work in AlAnba newspaper as a Managing Editor of Economic Affairs and then as the Managing Director of the newspaper, before moving in July 2005 to be the Managing Editor of Al-Watan Kuwaiti newspaper, up till the closure of Al-Watan Group by ministerial decisions and judicial provisions in January 2015, after which he continued work with the website of the newspaper, till he resigned in 15th June 15, 2015 and returned again to AlAnba newspaper as an adviser, and continued during all his work as the Director of the Office of the Egyptian Akhbar AlYoum corporation in Kuwait.
By the end of December 2010, he began to write a daily column titled .. “Taeeb…!!!!” "Fine... !!!" Which is published from Sunday to Thursday in each of the Al-Watan newspaper, Al-Watan English Daily, Al-Masryoon and Nahdat Misr, Al-Wafed electronic newspaper, and many Arab electronic sites.
Currently he holds several positions in a number of Egyptian and Arab publications in Kuwait:
  • Adviser Editor at the Kuwaiti AlAnba newspaper.
  • Managing Editor of the Kuwaiti Al-Watan newspaper (till closure).
  • Director of the Office of the Egyptian Akhbar Al Youm News Corporation in Kuwait.