hossam fathy

No to despair

I can claim that the people who could live with the rule of Hosni Mubarak will tolerate today's article. After a few hours, the name of the elected president of Egypt will be declared. I believe that those who supported Shafiq in the first round

A Prayer for Egypt

May God protect Egypt from all evil and sedition! It is also hoped that Egypt will move beyond its current critical political circumstances that might lead to sedition, which would undermine the security of the whole country. I fervently wish t

The Eratosthenes scandal (Part 2)

In yesterday's article, I said that a study published by a US-Egyptian scientist explained that Mubarak turned a blind eye to oil and gas explorations by Israel and Cyprus over the sunken mountain of Eratosthenes. An engineer, who is currently

The Eratosthenes scandal

This story contains all tragic elements of excitement and thrill and sums up the size of treason and corruption which spread in Egypt when it was ruled by a gang, of which some wish the continuation despite the sacrifice of martyrs. The story

Systematic abduction!

Sometimes observers who are away from the scene are able to read behind the lines more than others who are much closer to the said scene. As a result I admired an article published recently therefore I decided to write about it again because it

The presidential competition

May God award Egyptians for their persistent patience which has extended for 60 years! May God protect Egypt and Egyptians and assist them in leading decent lives. I used to pray for God to help Egyptians especially after hearing statements made by t