May God protect Egypt from all evil and sedition! It is also hoped that Egypt will move beyond its current critical political circumstances that might lead to sedition, which would undermine the security of the whole country. I fervently wish that the wise figures of our country will exert all possible efforts to defuse this matter of possible sedition through eradicating any of the events that might contribute to stirring things up.
May God aid the best figure to reach power in Egypt, because we need a strong individual to lead the country towards a safe and secure future! I fervently hope that a faithful person will attain the seat of power, as such a person will more than likely feel that he is serving God during his term of power, and out of piety he will do his best to serve the people and the country.
It is our hope that any corrupt individuals will not have any chance of reaching power, because they will only contribute to increasing the problems of the country and they will never work at putting an end to the suffering of the poor people. Furthermore, what we need now is a strong and sincere leader to hold the president's position to protect the people as well as the wealth of the country.