May God award Egyptians for their persistent patience which has extended for 60 years! May God protect Egypt and Egyptians and assist them in leading decent lives. I used to pray for God to help Egyptians especially after hearing statements made by the presidential candidates.
However, I enjoy hearing the comments and statements of the two candidates Dr. Mohammad Morsi and Dr. Ahmad Shafiq. At the same time, we have noticed a big difference between the written statements of candidates and those which they release live on TV.
The candidate Shafiq committed several mistakes, for example saying "my supreme example in life follows that of the former president Mohammad Hosni Mubarak".
He also said that the Muslim Brotherhood Movement plans to sell the Suez Canal in order to finance their projects! He promised youths to maintain freedom and the right of youths to gather in certain areas including Tahrir Square, after organizing such gatherings in a way where they would not influence the owners of shops and malls which are located in the vicinity.
The other candidate Morsi said that exorbitant amounts of money were stolen from Egypt, worth 36 trillion US dollars! Such a great sum equals the debts of all European States and the United States combined!
Morsi has also pledged to form a presidential council to participate in ruling the country regardless of gender or faith of the council members. This can be considered as a commitment and the candidate will not be able to ignore it if he wins the presidential elections.