Egyptians always feel homesickness no matter where they live. They are always concerned with issues taking place in Egypt and providing solutions to problems that may occur at home.
Every now and then, I receive emails from readers proposing solutions to problems faced by our homeland. The following message reflects feelings of love and belonging of its writer to Egypt, especially as the Holy Month of Ramadan is approaching.

Dear reputable journalist Hossam Fathi,
If you like my idea, please publish it in your column which is read by thousands of Egyptians living in Kuwait.
Religion plays a major role in helping man deal with daily developments and crises. There is no doubt that social relations would definitely be better if they were based on religion. Following the Jan. 25 revolution, I believe that religion can play an important role to overcome challenges faced by the Egyptian economy. I believe that a fatwa should be issued by Muslim and Christian scholars and a clergy that allows Muslims to pay Zakat and to allow Christians to pay a tithe to support the national economy. But this should be under the supervision and coordination of religious authorities, the armed forces and the Ministry of Finance in order to assure people that the money they pay will be spent properly.

Dr. Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Tahani
An Adviser at Cabinet
Kuwaiti Research and Studies Center

Thanks to the reputable adviser for his valuable message. I appeal to religious authorities in Egypt to consider this proposal.