It is beyond a doubt that there are hidden powers that are pushing Egypt off a cliff, because it is impossible to believe that all this economy and social deterioration, political vagueness, street wars, and the deterioration of relationships with neighboring countries can be spontaneous or unplanned. The revolution cannot be linked to the current mishaps, and the situation is getting grimmer.

The strategic reserve is dropping every day, and it has reached 10 billion US dollars, not to mention internal and external debts. Regardless of all this, no attempts were made to save the Egyptian economy.

Strikes and protests around the Ministry of Defense have resulted in over 100 injured people who fell after clashes between the supporters of Hazem Abo Ismail and thugs who claimed to be residents of the Abbasiya area. Those thugs confessed that they were paid to disperse or attack the protestors.

Protestors sparked a diplomatic dispute with Saudi Arabia after an insult to its political leadership, which prompted the kingdom to withdraw its diplomatic mission and shut down its embassy and consulates in Egypt. Such irrational actions forced Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi to apologize to King Abdullah. Egyptians have turned into bombs of anger that will explode in anyone's face.