During Mubarak's reign, the infamous gas agreement was signed with Israel to provide it with gas through a company owned by his friend and businessman, Hussein Salem, who fled to Spain. This agreement is unfair and wastes millions of dollars from the Egyptian people's money.

Today, this agreement has been cancelled, but as usual, no one bothered to explain to the people who own this gas why the agreement has been cancelled now. What are the real reasons behind this cancellation and why was this cancellation been delayed to after the explosion of April 14?

Do the people not have the right to know the truth? How can London's Middle East Newspaper quote a military official saying that the agreement has not been cancelled, but the prices of the gas will be adjusted to suit world standards. This military official asserted that Egypt is committed to all agreements and treaties.

So, has the agreement been cancelled or only amended? Another official stated that the cancellation of the agreement is purely commercial and has no political backgrounds.

In the beginning, Israel made threats; but suddenly, the tone changed and became friendlier. Now who can give us answers to what is happening?