Although the request of the Military Council for endorsing the constitution before the presidential election is a reasonable one, many people doubt such a request and question whether the constitution would be endorsed before the parliamentary elections or not!!

Let's be optimistic about the request but we can't ignore the fact that the military council imposes pressure on the parliament to from the supreme committee for putting forth the constitution, therefore the committee is expected to prepare the constitution and people have to vote before June 21st, 2012 but such a matter would require a miracle, or at least great efforts to be accomplished!

The council affirmed that elections will be conducted on time and power will be transferred to the civil authority on time as well.

On the other hand, we hope the old institution of Al-Ahram will submit further explanations about the survey it conducted recently on the coming presidential election, wherein the Major General Omar Sulaiman ranked highest as he obtained 31.7 percent of votes; Amro Musa ranked second by 22.8 percent of votes and Hazem Abu Ismael third by 21.4 percent of votes. We hope to garner more details about the basis of the survey, especially as it was allegedly conducted by a government institution and at the government's expense.