Former Vice President and intelligence chief Omar Sulaiman gathered 127,000 signatures to run for presidency. Sulaiman was flanked by the Republican Guard, his supporters, and the Military Police while he was submitting his papers on the last day.  During those final hours, the head of Freedom and Justice Party Mohammed Morsy submitted his papers, in addition to Safwat Hejazi and former ambassador Abdullah Al-Ashaal. Reluctantly, lawyer Khaled Ali, who is supported by the youths, submitted his papers too.

So now we have three candidates that were part of the former toppled regime, who are Omar Sulaiman, Amro Moussa, and Ahmed Shafiq. We also have two candidates that belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, who are Khairat Al-Shater and Mohammed Morsi, in addition to Salafists candidates, who are Hazem Abo Ismail, Mohammed Al-Awwa, and Abdullah Al-Ashaal. In addition, we have Hamdein Sabbahi, Abo Al-Ezz Al-Hariri, Ayman Nour, and former Muslim Brotherhood member Abdul Moneam Abol Fotouh.

I am sure the magician still has many tricks up his sleeve, such as the American passport of Abo Ismail's mother, and the sudden discovery of Moussa's French brother Pierre. I think there will also be a few gunshots to sideline other candidates, and Sulaiman will be the last man standing.