Will Egyptians vote for the candidate that was chosen by the former ousted President Mohammad Hosni Mubarak?! I'm referring to Major General Omar Sulaiman. Is the man waiting for further hot disputes amongst the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement and the Salafi Movement on the one hand, and the liberal and the youths of revolution on the other hand?

The 76-year-old, who held the positions of deputy president and the chief of intelligence, and was dubbed by the West as "the Egyptian Fox", might have snagged great support if he had not held the position of deputy president as well as held strong loyalty for the former president.

The question is "can the man garner enough popular support to hold the presidential position" especially when the country is still suffering from chaos!! The theory is as follows: the current chaos and problems occurring between the political movements, which cannot seem to agree on supporting a certain candidate till now, might cause people to despair, who might then they start looking to one of the 'old knights' to restore security and force the snakes back into their pits. The Major General might be lucky to be labeled with the title of the knight who will save Egypt, even though he was nominated by the former president Mubarak.

We hope the Islamic movements will eventually agree on supporting a particular candidate to avoid all disputes which risk scattering votes, as that opportunity will prove too ripe for the followers of the former president to resist exploiting.