What's up with this picture, people? You accused the gentle candidate Hazem Abu Ismael of being unqualified to take part in the coming presidential election as he doesn't meet one of the conditions for running!! This is just because his mother has already obtained the American citizenship, but the candidate affirmed that his mother has just obtained a permanent visa - green card - to live in the US and she has never obtained the citizenship, adding that only his brother and sister got the American citizenship. It isn't a difficult matter to believe, after all he should know well whether his mother has acquired citizenship or not.

Meanwhile, an American cleric with Egyptian origin claimed that the mother of Hazem has obtained the American citizenship but we really can't believe that!!

An Egyptian businessman said that Dr. Mohammad Said Al-Awa - another candidate - cannot run in the presidential election because his father has Syrian citizenship but the candidate denied that and confirmed that his father does not hold a Syrian citizenship, but that his grandfather did.

Suddenly, I felt that the whole country is confused, although all of us should be sure that Egypt is capable of including all those who have obtained other nationalities, or even if they come from a background of other nationalities, because they are now Egyptians, just like us.