Let us start without any introduction: what is the Muslim Brotherhood seeking to do?
So far, they have been greatly successful in many ways, and the majority of the people in Egypt voted for them after they had been operating underground for years, as their party were outlawed by the governments at that time. But now they are in the open celebrating their resounding triumph after all these years.
But now the Muslim Brotherhood is seeking to topple the government of Al-Ganzouri with the aim of replacing his government with one of their own. This is all alright but the timing is the issue here.
But another problem here is that the Muslim Brotherhood didn't stop at that. They are now promoting the very idea of having a president from their rank and file. As if it is not enough to have people with religious backgrounds such as Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismael and Abdulmenem Abu Al-Futooh and others who have publicly declared their support to the Muslim Brotherhood, the party insists that the future president should be one of them.
This has caused great dismay, so much so that the Head of the World Union for Muslim Scholars Dr. Yousef Al-Qardhawi called on the party not to adopt a specific stance during the election and to give people the chance to make up their own minds when casting their vote.