The current large number of the candidates for the presidential position will not remain the same and will start deteriorating soon. The candidates who have a strong military background such as the former chief of intelligence Major General Omar Sulaiman are encouraged by the Military Council to go ahead and seek the presidency. Military candidates will start withdrawing gradually in order to pave the way and provide more support to the final military candidate.

Regarding candidates who enjoy an expansive Islamic background, they have not been unified until recently to agree on supporting a candidate, but were moved into action after the Salafists made clear demands for it in Alexandria recently. The movement asked all the other Islamic movements to select a consensual candidate like Abu Ismael, Abu Al-Fetouh or Al-Awa. However, such coordination is positive and they have the right to it, especially when the agreement is not similar to the one expected from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Military Council.

The fortune of the other famous candidates like Amro Musa, Hamdeen Sabahi and Hisham Al-Bastwaisi will deteriorate or get stronger according to the agreements that they reach with Islamists and the Military Council.

I believe a successful candidate is a candidate who enjoys an Islamic background and obtains the support of the military council.