The decision to separate the detained officials of the former regime is brilliant, but this decision should have been put into effect a year ago, not now! Following the application of the decision the son of former president Hosni Mubarak, Alaa, saw off his brother Jamal, but they may still communicate with each other by use of mobile phones and What's App! The other former officials like the senior official of the dissolved party Ahamd Ezz and former Minister of Interior Habib Al-Adli blame their men and soldiers who could not execute the plan of protecting the former regime well. They say to each other, we used to be on each other's side but they will separate us and deprive us of the luxury that we enjoyed in this jail! Jamal shouts saying, you just think of dispersing us! Nobody thinks about my dad who will be kept in the hospital of the jail after he was staying in a luxurious suite in the International Health Center. Nobody thinks about how my poor dad will have to be subjected to mosquitoes and crickets! The decision of separating the former officials is a great decision but it was endorsed too late. In the meantime I don't agree with the decision of transferring Mubarak from the health center due to humane reasons, although he committed very bad deeds. I know well that most readers differ with me on this point, but I believe it would be better for the overseas image of Egypt.