Provoking enraged people is not an act of wisdom, and unfortunately, those in command in Egypt have been pushing Egyptians into bloody confrontations. What provokes Egyptians the most are the comic trials of Mubarak and his gang. The trial appears to be a turtle that lost its way. Mubarak and his imprisoned gang in Tora Prison are being entertained at prison, while their men and money are free to wreak havoc in Egyptian cities, resulting in bloodbaths. A year has passed and Habib Al-Adly is still smiling, while Jamal Mubarak's face is healthy and fresh. All Mubarak's gang do not seem concerned that they might be convicted, as if they are sure of being released after a few months, when they will give Egyptians the 'finger' that Jamal Mubarak had given them before. The attacks on the Ministry of Interior must be handled professionally and seriously, because those who burned the taxes building are the same people who burned the Egyptian Scientific Compound, because they did not face any deterrent action. If the police is unable to face thugs, secure a stadium during a football match, and protect the gas pipeline that has been blown up 12 times, then they must retire and stay at home.