The Egyptian government has spent 800 million Egyptian pounds on the election of Shura Council, despite the fact that Egypt needs to save every single pound to weather the hard economic times it faces presently. Not only is money a controversial issue, but the time that will be spent for organizing and conducting such elections is another important factor, wherein the relevant authorities could conduct the presidential election instead of the Shura council election! We don't know how Egypt will benefit from Shura Council especially as the council in question doesn't possess any authority. Most political powers called for the cancellation of the Shura Council after forming the new constitution. The presidential candidate who expected to win the next parliamentary election Hazem Salah Abu Ismael called for its immediate cancellation. The other candidate of the presidential elections Dr. Mohammad Said Al-Awah also asked for canceling the Shura Council saying "even if we elect it now the council will be cancelled two months after election, after the formation of the new constitution." Mohammad El-Baradei who was planning to run in the presidential election disclosed that the country will waste both time and money for electing the council although the council will never lead to any positive results and the new constitution will cancel it as well.