The Media in Egypt reflects how divided the Egyptians seem between the pro demonstrators in Tahrir Square, who represent January 25 Revolution and rejects the continuation of the Military Junta in power, and the pro-military supporters represented by the people in Abbasiya Square, led by the expected candidate for presidency Dr. Tawfiq Okasha. On Friday, the demonstrators in Abbasiya held a demonstration under the theme "No to sabotage" during which they chanted "With blood and souls we sacrifice for you Mubarak".
Is the scene too gloomy? Are the two parties too separated? Are we on the brink of a civil war? Let us put all conflicts aside and search for common denominators between Tahrir and Abbasiya, so that we can bring all the great people of Egypt together.
In my opinion, it is intended to present the people of Egypt as divided, while they aren't. Let's consider some questions which can lead us to the common denominators:
1. Do the demonstrators in Abbasiya reject the January 25 Revolution?
The answer is NO. They took part in the revolution since the beginning.
2. Do they reject prosecution of Mubarak and all corrupt people in his era?
The Answer is NO. However, the Egyptian people are known for their empathy towards the elders and at the same time they are not accustomed to holding their leaders accountable. The ousted president and his assistants took advantage of this point and played with the feelings of the people. The Mubarak regime harmed the middle class more than other classes.
3. Do they want the military rule to continue forever? Do the people in Tahrir want the military Junta to step down immediately?
The answer is NO, although the people in Tahrir want the Military Junta to hand over power, but those in Abbasiya want it to remain in power until the election of a president next June.
4. Do the people in Tahrir and Abbasiya differ over respecting the Army?
The answer is also NO. They both believe that the Egyptian Army is the protector and defender of Egypt. All honorable Egyptians can never doubt the loyalty of the Army to Egypt. But the main role of the Army is to protect the country and not top rule. The major generals already admitted that there have been violations which are under investigation.
I believe that wisdom and rationalism are needed these days more than any other time. We all reject the abuse of women but at the same time, we reject the demonstrations which negatively affect production.
Everyone is required to act wisely and to commit mistakes and to give up stubbornness which can harm the country.
May God Almighty protect Egypt and its people from all harm, Amen!