The laws are usually made in Egypt by the parliaments since the former Egyptian President Anwar Al-Sadat established the state of institutions, but the MPs used to reach the parliament through the support of the political party that had the majority of votes. Before the revolution, the leading party that obtained the majority of votes - regardless whether the party obtained votes legally or not - was the dissolved national party.

However, the sentences are issued according to the laws that the members of the former national party endorsed and we want now to judge the members of the dissolved party according to the very laws that they made!!

The other thing is that our respected judges during the reign of the former President Mohammad Hosni Mubarak would never be appointed as public prosecutors unless the dissolved State Security Apparatus approve such an eventuality. There were many judges who deserved to hold the positions of public prosecutors, but they were rejected just because the apparatus did not approve their promotions. This means that the apparatus was the real authority that was ruling the country.

The question that a lot of people have is: do we still live in a time of revolution? Especially seeing as we still don't have a parliament and it is not reasonable to depend on laws endorsed by the dissolved national party!!