Our brothers in the Levant have a proverb which says "Do whatever you want in the alley", which was used by Syrian actor Duraid Laham in the TV series "Sah Elnoam" at the beginning of the 1970s. The proverb means that anyone in the alley can do whatever he wants as long as the prestige of the authorities and the rule of law are not present.
Let me ask, is Egypt now living the status of 'Do whatever you want in the alley'? Is such an atmosphere suitable for holding free and fair elections without the shedding blood?
What message do the Military Council, the government and some media publications want to send to the Egyptian people? Didn't we witness fights which claimed lives in previous elections in Egypt, since the 1930s and 1940s?
Who deliberately wants security conditions to remain unstable? Who is trying to scare people of the possibility of witnessing a civil war in Egypt? Who is trying to intimidate people?
Do the Military Council and the government want to ask the people "Are such conditions suitable for holding fair elections?" If this was the message, it is important to face it with confidence and it is our duty to stress that the Egyptians have the right to enjoy freedom, democracy, justice and equality and to hold fair elections.
It is important that the Military Council has protected the revolution but it doesn't give Egyptians their freedom. The Egyptians sacrificed and struggled to attain their freedom, and they will never give it up.
May God protect Egypt and its people from all harm, Amen.