What are the government of Sharaf and the Military Council doing with us? The Egyptian people trusted them and the government and the council have to be up to this trust. After the success of the revolution the general orientation of people focused on preparing a new constitution before anything else, therefore the political movements supported that and called for executing this step but the result of the popular poll urged the government to conduct the parliamentary election first.
A few days before the parliamentary election, we suddenly witnessed a new idea called the document of the basic principles, but this document was rejected by the majority of the political movements including the religious and liberal ones. We have a logical question about the insistence of certain authorities to incite the determination of people which might aim at circumventing the fair results of the next election which will appear within the next few days.
What's happening? Do the government and the council fear Islamists who might reach power soon? We certainly hope they would tell us if they feel sorry for allowing the Egyptian people to practice real freedom, especially as the next parliament will never work according to instructions of any other authorities!! That is why the last section of the document says that if the Constituent Society doesn't complete the draft constitution within the period of 6 months then the Military council,which holds the president's position, will form a new society!! I believe that at that time we will have an elected parliament and it has to contribute in forming the society!!