KUWAIT: The latest 70,000 documents that were revealed by Wikileaks on Friday included 4000 documents sent from the American Embassy in Tel Aviv to Washington. However, I will only discuss one cable saying that the current Israeli minister for foreign affairs, who was at that time the Head of the Israel is Our House party, suggested during his meeting with the American ambassador in Tel Aviv in 2006 a new demarcation to solve Israel's problem with Gaza, that involves giving Palestinians part of Sinai.
He stressed that Egypt must take the necessary steps to solve that issue, and that the Jews and the Arab Israelis must be segregated in order to guarantee the safety and security of Israel, in addition to protecting the Jewish identity of the Israeli society. The minister stressed that those objectives are to be accomplished through negotiating with Egypt, and to prompt it to be part of the solution in this regional dispute through granting parts of its lands in Sinai to the overpopulated Gaza.
This is what I had discussed in a previous article, where I asked how Palestinians ended up in Jordan and the West Bank, and why Israelis are constantly besieging Gaza and bombarding them with military actions. I also wondered where people in Gaza will expand after the city overflows with its people. Will they expand into Israel? Can you see any open spaces that lack any military presence that can be invaded by Israel in a few hours to grant this area to the Palestinians?
After publishing my article, I was surprised by the messages and comments that condemned my extreme way of thinking, and I was accused of beating the drums of war against Israel unnecessarily. People claimed that such ideas tarnish the relationships with Palestinians, and some Palestinians were outraged and accused me of causing friction between Egyptians and Palestinians.
To those people I say, "Wake up! Wake up before the dirty world of politics takes away what is remaining of our dignity and pride!"