Kuwait: In 1957 an Indian Journalist R. K. Karanjia held a press interview with the former famous Israeli Minister of Defense Moushi Dayan. Following that interview the journalist published a book titled "The Dagger of Israel", but no one considered the book of importance nor was it well-read until the set-back of 1967, wherein Israel defeated several Arab countries. Following the set-back the book was translated into Arabic in Egypt, after the former Egyptian president Jamal Abdulnasser had written a prelude for it. The book - which spans 135 pages - was also published in Syria in 2005.
The book included information regarding important documents, but the relevant officials of that time did not express interest in it. the documents refer to dividing Iraq into three states. The northern state according to the book would be assigned to the Kurds, the middle state for Sunni Muslims, while the south state would be assigned for the Shiites and would be a part of Iran as well.
The Israeli plan according to the book did not stop at this extent, but it also divided Syria into three states: One for the Alawite faction, another for Sunni people, and one for the Druis people. In addition to this there was also a plan for the division of Lebanon into two countries, one for the Shiites, and the second for Maroni Christians.
The Journalist asked the Israeli minister why he disclosed such secret and important information to the public, to which the minister answered "do not worry about that as the Arabs don't read". 35 years after the publication of the book, more specifically in 1991, Israel started executing its plan by dividing Iraq, and now we don't know what will happen to Syria.
However, the Israeli politicians believe that the dream of Great Israel whose borders extend from Euphrates in Syria to the Nile river can't be achieved unless Egypt is also divided into 3 small countries; one in the north, another in the middle and the third in the south.