KUWAIT: Suddenly, the innocent-looking skinny Egyptian from Zaqaziq City has become a hero that all newspapers and television channels race to hold interviews with, after he managed to climb 21 floors using his bare hands to reach the top of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, where he pulled down the Israeli flag and placed the Egyptian flag instead.
This young man entered the hearts of all Egyptians because of his spontaneity and innocence, especially after people discovered that he had already climbed challenging bodies, such as his famous picture on top of a high light post, waving the Egyptian flag during the revolution. This picture became extremely popular and most news websites posted it. However, our hero did not attempt to boast that he was the man in the picture.
This young man took matters into his own hands and avenged the death of Egyptian border guards at Sinai by Israeli military helicopters; especially after the Egyptian government took no action to reprimand Israel for such a barbaric act. Our young hero, who is the breadwinner in his family after his father died, risked his life to avenge the death of those martyrs, although he could have simply been shot by a sniper, or even fallen off the high building. This man undertook a spontaneous act of bravery that satisfied the hearts of all 85 million Egyptians, and did not involve the holding of a sit-in or hysterical screaming on television.
I applaud the Governor of Al-Sharqeya for celebrating the heroic act of our hero, and for granting him a flat and a job. I would also like to thank Prime Minister Essam Sharaf for receiving 'Spiderman' or 'flagman' as the public call him. I am fully aware that tearing off the flag of another country at its embassy violates international laws; nonetheless, I cannot hide my joy when this man managed to tear the Israeli flag that has been polluting the skies of Cairo for the past 30 years.