Kuwait: I am afraid of dividing Egypt but I don't mean dividing Egypt into 3 small states one for Muslims, the second for Coptic and the third one for Nubee people. I don't mean by that the western attempts such as the American ones for dividing Egypt as well.
I mean dividing the Egyptian people on next Friday in Tahrir Square. I am talking about next Friday whose name is not settled till now wherein some want to call it Stability and Identity Friday according to the Islamic groups and others want to call it Revolutionary legitimacy Friday according to Free Front for Peaceful Change and other movements of youths.
We also don't know whether the call of Wafed Party for a new huge demonstrations will succeed or not as this demonstration aims at uniting the Egyptian people and avoiding dividing it into different groups wherein each one sits-in in certain square. We know that the name of Friday is not that important and the important thing is what happens on this Friday especially after the gap between the army and people on a hand and between youths and Islamic movements on the other hand became wider due to what happened in Abbasiya Square recently.
The Islamic movements started calling youths to stop demonstrations and leaving squares before next Friday in order to clean squares from thugs. The very movements also formed Emergency Committees to counter any possible confrontations amongst demonstrators on nest Friday.
The question is, will Tahrir square be divided between these movements and will demonstrations which are expected to be conducted by different factions succeed and go smoothly without facing any incidents? What I am afraid of is the division of the Egyptian society into different movements work against each other and such step might lead to violent confrontations amongst Friday demonstrators.
However, Egypt at the present time needs unity and executing the demands of demonstrators, therefore the various political powers have to look for the public interests and welfare in addition to abandoning disputes that will influence national unity.