The Criminal Court in Cairo issued rulings on Tuesday setting the former Minister of Information Anas Al-Fiqi, former minister of Housing Ahmad Al-Maghrabi and former minister of Finance Yousef Butrus Gahli free.
These rulings should be respected in accordance with the rule "innocent until proven guilty". This doesn't mean that releasing those former ministers did not commit other violations. There are dozens of lawsuits filed against them.
We should not lose confidence in the fair judiciary of Egypt and its fair judges. It was not their fault to issue such rulings in a case that lacks evidence and documents. It is not their fault to apply the law. There is no doubt that nobody can accept imprisoning an innocent person just to satisfy our desire to avenge from that person and his bosses for what they did against us over the last period.
As long as we accept to resort to judiciary to get the rights of the people, we should respect the rulings of courts; otherwise, the other option will be chaos and law of jungle.
I'm confident that what I wrote here will not be accepted by many people who demand immediate execution of those believed to be corrupt. I actually do not blame those people or condemn their "legitimate" desire of seeking revenge  of those who abused the dignity of Egypt and robbed its money and made it easy for others to rob and steal and sell its monuments, destroyed the present and future, oppressed its people and humiliated them by forcing young people to illegally immigrate to other countries, and commit other crimes that only God knows about. They deserve to be executed a thousand times.
I hope that all those criminals will be penalized. I pray to God Almighty to penalize them. I'm confident that God will punish them sooner or later. However, our judiciary should remain the safe and final resort for us. We should not interfere in its rulings or condemn or criticize judges. We must be confident that God Almighty will definitely penalize the criminals.