KUWAIT: Since the tip of the Mubarak regime iceberg has been toppled, Egyptians need a revolution in production. There is no alternative for this revolution, do you know why? People who eat what they do not plant, and wear what they do not manufacture, become enslaved by whoever feeds, dresses, and grants them loans. Egyptians were enslaved, but not anymore! We will not allow anyone to take Egypt back to the era before the revolution. When the growth rate in Egypt drops to 2.5-3 percent of the fiscal year that ends in June, compared to expectations that this rate would be 5.5-6 percent, all alarms must be set off. When inflation rates reached 11.5 percent in March while there were expectations that the average inflation rate of the whole year would total about 13 percent, everyone must be alarmed. When the government reveals that the losses of the tourism sector reached 9 billion Egyptian pounds since January and 825 million US dollars during February as a result of the cancellation of bookings, all sirens must go off. In order to avoid an impending disaster, we must work and produce now, not tomorrow. People must stop protesting for cadres or salary increases, and must begin by helping themselves, before the government goes to the United States and begs for a USD 7 billion loan. The Americans will turn their backs on us, which will force the government to seek financial aid from the GCC; thus making Egyptians prone to whispers that say that Egyptians are begging for money. Please, do not allow anyone to believe that they have the upper hand over Egypt again ever.