Who is pushing Egypt into sedition? Who will benefit from ethnic conflict between Muslims and Christians? In the past, we said that the government's weak grip during the reign of Mubarak, due to his interest in passing on power to his son, allowed fanatics to flourish. Unfortunately, it seems that the grip of the new government is still weak and cannot control sedition before it prevails. In Menia Governorate, a former member of the dissolved National Party, who is Coptic and is known for his relationships with Copts overseas, constructed a ramp in front of his villa, which provoked his Muslim and Christian neighbors because of the its poor shape. He took this step to demonstrate his power, regardless of any damages that could occur to cars, which led to a fist fight. The matter escalated quickly and armed thugs attacked a minibus driver and destroyed his minibus for protesting against the damage that to his car. I still cannot understand such an incident, since security is not fully operational, but what I cannot understand is the fact that when the Menia Police Chief Officer and a representative of the military ruler arrived to the scene, they were shot at by the armed thugs, which killed two Muslims; thus turning an ordinary fist fight to a brawl that has no limits. Police must return to the streets as soon as possible, and internal security must be prioritized. Egypt must demonstrate its power, instead of being lenient with those who do not deserve leniency.