Egyptians have no more tears to shed for their former president Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak shed tears after the Prosecutor refused all the alternatives to detention offered by Mubarak. I might have felt sad about what he has done to us and to himself for a moment, but my sorrow for what Mubarak had done to Egypt is deeper and greater.
As a normal person, and as an Egyptian who is known for being emotional, I never wanted such a humiliating ending for a military figure who had been ruling Egypt for the past 30 years. We will neither cry for Mubarak nor over him, since our tears have dried up from crying over Egypt, especially since Egypt's cities were as beautiful as London, Paris, and Rome, not to mention being more beautiful than most Arabian and Asian cities.
Egypt served as an educational role in the region, where every Arab and Muslim felt honored to study in its schools and universities, such as Victoria College School in Maadi and Alexandria, where kings and presidents graduated from.
Our tears dried up from crying over Egypt that had the best army in the world, which is now affected by cancerous diseases, polluted water, and cancerous insecticides. Those diseases came as a result of the actions of those who deprived Egyptians of clean water and healthy food. Egypt was deliberately polluted by the servant of Satan and the Israelis, who deprived Egyptians of their basic rights. Egyptians are now sick and have left work to seek medical treatment.
Millions of Egyptians in cemeteries, and more than 2 million children are homeless on the streets, where they fall as victims of various sins.
In addition to that, the martyrs of the January 25 Revolution who were shot and run over by your soldiers and their camels. This why there are no tears left to cry for Mubarak. Cry for what you have done to Egypt, and then cry for what you have done to yourself and your family, if you have any tears left.