I think the former Minister of Finance Youssef Boutros Ghali is the most criticized minister of the former regime. However, he deserves such brutal criticism since during his reign the Egyptian people suffered from sales taxes, inheritance taxes, real estate taxes and other oppressive taxes.
We do not know about the latest tax and we do not know what the Government of Tahrir Square is going to do it.
The current minister Sameer Roushan has not yet taken a decision about this tax but he has revealed that it will be cancelled and once before he indicated that it is being studied.
However, Boutros Ghali is a clever man and was clever enough to travel to Beirut under the pretext of visiting his wife but he did not remember the Egyptian proverb "welcome to a quick visit" which means that good visitors are those who do not annoy the host by overstaying.
Ghali's visit still has not ended.
Apparently, the former minister is afraid of returning to Egypt due to the expected welcome by the angry Egyptian people who remember his tax laws and the expenses for his wife's treatment abroad that added to LE 55 million.
He did not expect to be grilled which is why Egypt was stuck in debt that reached up to 1 trillion US dollars during his reign. He also caused a huge deficit to the public budget estimated at $199 billion despite the fact that he inherited a deficit of $20 billion.
He might not to be grilled for wasting LE 400 billion from the funds that were deposited in the National Investment fund- assigned as an insurance for poor people- but he transferred this huge sum for investment in a number of private sector companies.