On March 17, a Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Dar published an article claiming that highly ranked judicial sources revealed that it is impossible to take Mubarak and his family to court, as a result of the pressure exerted on the Military Council by some Arab countries. The sources claimed that those countries threatened to suspend aid and withdraw investments, not to mention sacking five million Egyptians working in those countries. The article claimed that those countries are Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, and Jordan.
On April 7, a Palestinian website Donya Al-Watan published an interview with Field Marshal Tantawi and German newspaper Der Spiegel. The article mentioned Tantawi and four points which are a result of the Arab influence to avoid taking Mubarak to court. The four points are: there are several coup attempts since Mubarak stepped down; the Military Council forced Mubarak to step down; and Egypt views Iran as an Islamic country, not as an enemy, and hopes that relationships between the two countries are restored.
The site published the article and sourced the claims to the German newspaper and other Egyptian and Kuwaiti newspapers quoted it making it seem credible. This prompted the Military Council to deny the interview, and prompted Der Spiegel to state that the article was a falsified piece. Al-Ahram was also forced to publish a denial on its Friday issue's front page, where it mentioned by mistake that Al Watan newspaper published the article. This article was strategically published Thursday night and Friday was the day of prosecuting Mubarak. This article provoked people involved in the sit-in at Tahrir Square. The article was meant to stir unrest and the claim about Iran is provocative since Iran is currently playing a dangerous game in Bahrain and Kuwait, not to mention assassinating Shiites figures to make it seem that the Sunnis were involved.