KUWAIT: Within the next few hours the trial of killers- who killed a number of Egyptian demonstrators- will start after the Public Prosecution announced that the former Minister of Interior Habib Al-Adli, the Assistant Minister of Interior and the Director of State Security Apparatus, Major General Hassan Abdulrahman, the First Assistant to the Minister of Interior for Public Affairs Major General Adli Fayed, the Assistant to the Minister of Interior for Central Security Affairs, Major General Ahmad Ramzi, the Assistant of Ministry of Interior for Cairo Security Affairs Ismael Al-Shaaer has been referred to the criminal court.
They are accused of killing demonstrators and committing other crimes including affecting the national economy and erupting chaos.
At last the secrets behind the bullets that penetrated the chests and heads of demonstrators got clear after Major Generals and the Minister confessed a part of their crimes.
At the course of the interrogation, Hassan Abdulrahman, the Chief of State Security Apparatus, asked the court to listen to his statement again in which we can't explain such step as feeling sorry for victims or a sense of conscience while in the solitary cell.
But we can explain the step as an attempt to get rid of certain accusations that may lead to hanging him.
He said that he would like to tell the truth about what happened during the demonstrations. He confessed that the former Minister had issued orders for opening fire against demonstrators, adding that he visited the former Minister of Interior on Friday, January 28th and told him that there were millions of demonstrators out there and the security forces will collapse if any confrontations occur between the two sides.
Meanwhile, Al-Adli called a man by telephone explaining the matter then he said, done Mr. President, and ended the call.
After which Al-Adli called Ramzi and Al-Shaaer and asked them to deal toughly with demonstrators.
On his part, Ahmad Ramzi confessed that this statement is true and the Minister asked him to shoot anybody who approaches the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior.
However, we hope that criminals will face fair sentences by the fair Egyptian judiciary system.