The last governments under Mubarak were fondly dubbed as "Made in Kuwait" because many of the Cabinet ministers had coincidentally worked in Kuwait where they have served in public institutions or Arab organizations based in Kuwait, such as the Arab Organization for Investment or the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.
Probably the forthcoming Egyptian president would be someone who has lived in Kuwait. I mean the revered Justice Hisham Al-Bistuisi who served as an adviser at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor since 2007 after being subjected to stark injustice at the hands of the old regime's security apparatus. His legal immunity did not do him any good, particularly at a time where immunity was guaranteed only for the regime and its cronies.
As Justice Al-Bistuisi announced his intention to run for president, certain political circles have expected that he would be a formidable contestant for the presidency, especially that he belongs to a camp that promotes the independence of the judiciary. This camp, indeed, comprises of a large group of jurists who have stood firmly against corruption and meddling in the affairs of the judiciary.
He mentioned some of the ordeal her underwent during an interview: "Under less than a year, I have been prevented from travelling on three occasions; the first time, I was planning to take part in a trial held by the Internal Court to try Israeli war criminals in Brussels, although this court is internationally popular. It was sad that Egypt, a country that led the struggle against Israel was the very country that prevented a judge to partake in a trial to indict the Israeli crimes against innocent Palestinians. The second time, I was prevented from travelling to attend an EU organized conference to deliberate over the independence of the judiciary. The third time, I was banned from travelling to Geneva to make a presentation."
This is some of what they used to do with revered individuals of society whereby they failed to understand that the more injustice you do, the more the dawn closes. Welcome Justice Hisham Al-Bistuisi as an honorable candidate for Egypt President.