For the first time in its long modern history, Egypt held a referendum over the issue of amending the constitution and the result was 77.2 percent positive. Regardless of the outcome of the votes, one thing is certain that there is a great demand for change and a healthy attitude toward it.
But we need to comprehend the true meaning of democracy so we can forget the sixty long years of one party rule. The referendum is a true reflection of Egyptian will power and the determination to introduce political changes.
The next step is to translate this vision into reality. We need to ensure that the vision is really being unfolded and requisite measures are being implemented. The future president should know that he will be accountable by his own people and that his electoral manifesto should be reflected in his policies.
Within the next few hours, the Supreme Military Council which is now in power is expected to announce the introduction of a new constitution for transitional period. We must all work to see this happens.