I received many comments for my article calling for a fund to support a bourse but one reader drew my attention. The reader called my office and asked to speak to me.
When I answered the phone he began accusing me. While, I understood some accusations, I failed to understand others as he was very angry and speaking very fast. What I understood was that he opposed my call for establishing a fund for supporting bourse by Egyptians who work abroad.
He started complaining about Egyptians working abroad and how Mubarak's government had imposed unfair taxes on them. Although the tax law was cancelled, those taxed did not receive the money they had already paid.
He pointed out that the money transfer is important for the Egyptian economy and the Egyptians abroad do not use any public services. Moreover, state universities reject the majority of the children of expatriates and universities lay out very difficult conditions for admitting non-resident Egyptians.
The reader continued ranting, wondering why I had asked them to support the bourse. Why don't the people who stole it support it? They stole billions of dollars.
I told him that I wrote my article based on the demand of many Egyptians who work abroad and hope to aid the economy of their country. The second thing is that injustice which about 6 million expatriates suffered from was characteristic of the former regime and the expatriates will get their rights sooner or later